• The rigid machine frame provides a solid base for stable beam delivery optics and the high-speed gantry drive system. This design guaranties highest acceleration and deceleration rates without any mechanical vibration. BLS uses the latest linear drive technology and high laser power providing wide-range cutting capabilities, high flexibility and ease of use. While cutting thin materials at high speeds of up to 20 meters/min, it gives reasonable results in thick material up to 25 mm mild steel with consistently high quality surface finishes. A high pressure cutting head accepts a 5˝, 7.5˝ or 10˝ cutting lens. A safety system protects the cutting head from collision with the workpiece. BLS also provides sliding type doors in two sides for quick and easy access to the cutting area.

• Ease of processing both large and small size formats
• High speed water cooled linear motors
• No repositioning of plate ensure accuracy
• Fiber optic laser beam delivery system
• Simple operator interface and cutting database
• Dual pallets
• Superior accessibility to work areas
• Hand-held pendant for remote access to setup, adjustment and
management of waste skeletons


Laser systems
Maximum power3.3  KW 4 KW 5 KW 6 KW 
Cutting Capabilities
Mild steel16 mm  20 mm  22 mm  25 mm  
Stainless steel10 mm 15 mm18 mm 20 mm 
Aluminum 6 mm  10 mm 12 mm   12 mm 


Linear drive cutting system 
Table sizeX= 1500 mm – 3000 mm
 Y= 3000 mm – 12000 mm
 Z= 120 mm
Maximum positioning speed*210 m/min 
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed*310 m/min
Axis acceleration*3G 
 Positioning accuracy± 0.08 mm
 Axis repeatability ± 0.03 mm
 Cutting heads 5˝, 7.5˝ & 10″
HMI processor2 GHz 
RAM2 Gb 
Network connectionRJ45 10 / 100 Mbps 
Disk drives 160 Gb 
keyboard, handheld pendant,Operation Siemens 840D HMI
Operating systemWindows XP 






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