01BLS - NEO04

BLS-F Fiber laser cutting machine offers you the highest quality parts in thin sheet metal range with the best part precision and the highest efficiency. It takes full advantage of the high cutting speed of the energy efficient solid state fiber laser. It cut thin stainless steel and aluminum as well as nonferrous metal such as copper, brass with a reliable quality. It also cuts mild steel sheets up to 16 mm in a acceptable feed rates and dross-free quality. This machine is a perfect solution for the job shop production and for the suppliers which already have CO2 cutting system as a complementary and cost-efficient one. There are no optics such as mirrors inside laser source and in the machine to carry laser beam. Therefore, costs associated with mirrors and downtime for alignment of optics have been eliminated. Solid-state technology does not require laser gas to generate the laser beam-thereby reducing environmentally harmful emissions. Very little time is wasted in movement or in ramping up to the cutting speed required for a particular part. With all three axes driven by linear drives. 3-axis linear drive system also ensures superior accuracy and positioning. In addition, the wear of components typically associated with ball-screw or rack and pinion systems has been eliminated.

• Ease of processing both large and small size formats
• High speed water cooled linear motors
• No repositioning of plate ensure accuracy
• Fiber optic laser beam delivery system
• Simple operator interface and cutting database
• Dual pallets
• Superior accessibility to work areas
• Hand-held pendant for remote access to setup, adjustment and 
management of waste skeletons
• Tactile height following for non conductive materials


Laser systems
Maximum power1  KW 2 KW 3 KW 4 KW 
Cutting Capabilities
Mild steel8 mm  15 mm  18 mm  20* mm  
Stainless steel4 mm 8 mm10 mm 12 mm 
Aluminum 3 mm  6 mm 8 mm   10 mm 


Linear drive cutting system 
Table sizeX= 1500 mm
 Y= 3000 mm
 Z= 120 mm
Maximum positioning speed*200 m/min 
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed*280 m/min
Axis acceleration*3G 
 Positioning accuracy± 0.03 mm
 Axis repeatability ± 0.08 mm
 Cutting heads 5˝ & 7.5˝
HMI processor2 GHz 
RAM2 Gb 
Network connectionRJ45 10 / 100 Mbps 
Disk drives 160 Gb 
keyboard, handheld pendant,Operation Siemens 840D HMI
Operating systemWindows XP 





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