Lynx 300 series is a 10 inch high productivity center optimized for powerful, heavy duty cutting on the basis of highly stable bed structure, roller type LM guide, high power spindle and servo driven turret.

1. Maintain high performance through high speed and high power spindle: High precision heavy duty cutting enabled via 3500r/min, 15kW high speed, high power spindle.

2. Shorter machining cycle time through the servo turret indexing motor and the high rigidity roller type LM guide: non cutting time is minimized by quick rotation and clamping of servo driven type turret and high  speed, high rigidity roller type LM guide for all axes.

3. Improved user convenience with ergonomic operation panel, USB port and operation panel rotation: QWERTY keyboard, easy addition of option button, USB port, user-friendly operational panel rotation provide further enhanced user convenience.


Specifications +






Lynx 300


Lynx 300M









Swing over bedmm (inch)651 (25.6)
Swing over saddlemm (inch)461 (18.1)
Recom. Turning diametermm (inch)254 (10.0)
Max. Turning diametermm (inch)450 (17.7)370 (14.6)
Max. Turning lengthmm (inch)765 (30.1)712 (28.0)
Chuck sizeinch10
Bar working diametermm (inch)76 (3.0)



Travel distance

X-axismm (inch)255 (10.0)
Z-axismm (inch)790 (31.1)



Rapid Traverse Rate

X-axism/min (ipm)24 (945)
Z-axism/min (ipm)30 (1181)








Max. Spindle speedr/min3500
Main spindle motor powerkW (Hp)15 / 11 {18.5 / 15} <15min. / cont.>

(20 / 15 {25 / 20})

Max. Spindle Torque for TurningN·m (lbf ft)191 {235.4 / 327.4 / 403.3}

( 141 {174 / 241 / 297} )

Spindle noseASAA2-8
Spindle bearing diameter (Front)mm (inch)120 (4.7)
Spindle through hole diametermm (inch)86 (3.4)
Min. spindle Indexing angle(C-axis)deg0.001







No. of tool stationsea12
OD tool sizemm (inch)25 (1.0)
Max. boring bar sizemm (inch)40 (1.6)
Turret Indexing time(1 station swivel)s0.15
Max. Rotary tool speedr/min5000
Rotary tool motor powerkW (Hp)5.5 (7.5)





Tailstock travelmm (inch)775 (30.5)
Quill diametermm (inch)80 (3.1)
Quill travelmm (inch)120 (4.7)
Quill bore taperMTMT#4
Power sourceElectric power supply(rated capacity)kVA30.5032.62



Machine Dimensions

Lengthmm (inch)3035 (119.5)
Widthmm (inch)1785 (70.3)
Heightmm (inch)1715 (67.5)
Weightkg (lb)4000 (8800)4050 (8910)


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