Shear Genius® SGe6 and SGe8 provides more capacity, quality and cost efficiency for flexible sheet metal working than any other comparable system. Experience since 1987 and over 2200 delivered Shear Genius® units delivered around the world tells it all.

The vast majority of all fabricated sheet metal components are rectangular, so a highly economical method to produce them is to perform first punching and then shear the components loose in the same automatic process with an integrated right angle shear. Also, parts with two or three straight edges are perfect for fabrication with a right angle shear. The Shear Genius® philosophy is to provide one machine capable of transforming a full sized sheet into finished parts with scrap separated. These parts can be moved to final production stages without the need for secondary operations for costly material handling between loading, punching, shearing, sorting and unloading.

With Shear Genius® you can use pre-cut sheets, but normally standard size sheets are processed while major savings are achieved through efficient nesting. It is important not to think that this is the only way that Shear Genius® can be operated. When you need just a punching operation, Shear Genius® can be operated just as high-accuracy, high-performance turret punch press. Today, right angle shear technology is used throughout the industrial world in most varied applications, in independent production cells, or in central units within automatic material handling systems up to a factory-wide FMS level.



Specifications +

  • Max sheet size
    SGe6: 3,074 mm x 1,565 mm
    SGe8: 4,300 mm x 1,565 mm
  • Ram force: 300 kN (33 US Tons)
  • in turret / Max. index tools: 384 / 128
  • Hit speed, max.: 1,000 hpm
  • Positioning speed, max.: 150 m/min
  • Index tool rotation speed: 250 rpm
Ram force300 kN  [33 US Tons]
Punch strokeElectrical servo motor
Number of stations20 or 16 pcs
ToolsThick Turret, also other tooling styles available
Punch diameter max.89 mm  [3.5 “]
Material thickness max.8 mm  [0.31 “]
CNC index tool


    Number of stationsstandard 4 pcs / max. 10 pcs
    Punch diameter max.89 mm  [3.5 “]
    Tool rotation max.250 r/min
Upforming cylinder (indexable, option)
    Force200 kN  [22 US Tons]
    Stroke length12 mm  [0.472 “]
Sheet weight max. 1)200 kg  [441 lbs]
Clampspneumatic, 3 pcs (optional 4 pcs)
Sheet size X x Y, max3,074 mm x 1,565 mm  [121 ” x 61.2 “]4,300 mm x 1,500 mm  [169.3 ” x 61.2 “]
Sheet size X x Y, max without repositioning3,074 mm x 1,565 mm  [121 ” x 61.2 “]3,074 mm x 1,565 mm  [121 ” x 61.2 “]
X traverse length3,144 mm   [123 “]
X traverse axis speed, max.120 m/min  [4,724 “/min]
Y traverse, length1,615 mm  [63 “]
Y traverse axis speed, max.90 m/min  [3,543 “/min]
Positioning speed, max.150 m/min  [5,905 “/min]
Hit speed max. 2)
    Marking2,500 1/min
    Nibbling (1 mm)  [0.039 “]1,000 1/min
    25 mm between holes  [0.984 “]500 1/min
    250 mm between holes  [9.84 “]200 1/min
Punching accuracy according to LKP-7100: 3)
    Hole location deviation (X/Y axes), max.0.1 mm  [0.004 “]
    Hole-to-hole distance deviation (X/Y axes), max.± 0.05 mm  [± 0.002 “]
    Angular deviation (CNC Index Tool) max.± 0.1°
Positioning accuracy according to VDI/DGQ 3441: 4)
    Positional deviation Pa (X/Y axes)0.08 mm / ± 0.04 mm  [0.003 ” / ± 0.0015 “]
    Positional scatter Ps (X/Y axes)0.04 mm / ± 0.02 mm  [0.0015 ” / ± 0.001 “]
Stroke depthnumerically adjustable
Turret rotation speed30 r/min
Tool change time 5)1…3 sec
NC work memoryTwinCat PC, 80 GB
Program transferUSB and Ethernet
Ethernet connection100 MB
Front fuse3 x 25 A (with 3 x 400 V)
Power consumption, average 6)6 kVA / 5 kW
Compressed air consumption, average 8)4 – 15 Nl/s  [8.5 – 32 cfm]
Compressed air consumption, Max.4 Nl/s  [8.8 cfm]
Compressed air pressure min.6 bar  [90 psi]
Total weight26,000 kg  [57,320 lbs]
Work Chute (option)500 mm x 500 mm (19.7″ x 19.7″)
Punch motor coolingWater, closed circuit
     Cooling capacity0.152 kW / K
Central lubricationyes

Loading unit LD6 / LD8

Sheet size min. (XxY)600 mm x 300 mm [23.62″ x 11.81″]
Suction cups in loading gripper14 areas
Suction cup suction pressureAdjustable
Loading station load, max.3,000 kg [6,615 lbs]
Sheet stack height on loading station, max.250 mm [9.84″]
Integrated right angle shear
Material thickness max. (shearing) – aluminium5 mm  [0.196 “]
– steel Fe52 / Fe37 (max. 480 MPa)4 mm  [0.157 “]
– stainless steel3 mm  [0.118 “]
Material thickness min.0.5 mm [0.019″]
Full stroke / shear, XxY1,000 mm x 1,528 mm [39.37″ x 60.15″]
Blade clearance settingautomatic, ACS


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