PUMA TL – high productivity 4 axis turning center

The Puma TL series of machines is engineered to increase productivity through high efficiency. As a process integrated machine the TL provides a new level of performance and capabilities.


Specifications +

Description                                                                          UnitPUMA TL2000 [L]PUMA TL2000M [LM]PUMA TL2500 [L]PUMA TL2500M [LM]




Swing over bed                                          mm600
Swing over saddle(Upper)                          mm430
Recom. Turning diameter                           mm210255
Max. Turning diameter(Upper/Lower turret)                   mm370/240350/240370/240350/240
Max. Turning length                                  mm600 [1000]
Bar working diameter                                mmø 65ø 76
Spindle speed                                         r/min50004000

Main Spindle

Spindle nose                                             ASAA2#6A2#8
Spindle bearing diameter (Front)                mm110130
Spindle through hole                                 mmø 76ø 86
Cs Spindle Index angle                               deg360。(in 0.001。)360。(in 0.001。)

Tail Stock

Quill diameter                                        r/min100
Quill bore taper                                        ASAMT#5
Quill travel                                               mm120


Travel distanceX1/2-axismmX1 : 250 / X2 : 150
 Z1/2-axismmZ1 : 650 [1050] / Z2 : 630 [1030]
Rapid traverseX1/2-axism/min20



No. of tool stations(Upper+Lower)                                st12 + 8
OD tool height                                         mm25
Boring bar diameter                                  mm40
Indexing time                                               s0.15
Rotary tool spindle speed*                                  r/min50005000




Left spindle motor(Int.)                                         kW22 (10min)26 (30min)
Rotary tool spindle motor*                                       kW5.55.5
Servo motorX1-axiskW3.0
Coolant pump                                           kW0.9



Electric power supply(Rated capacity)         kVA42435052
Machine height                                         mm1930
Machine dimensionslengthmm3250 [3900]
 widthmm2118 [2144]
Machine weight                                           kg7000 [8200]


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