Prima Power  Punch Genius has gathered experience in the development of turret punch presses since early 1980’s, and while modern solutions are very different and the level much has, the targets have remained constant: always more ease of operation and higher productivity.

A modern turret punch press uses numerically controlled, servo-electric axes, which provides outstanding energy efficiency, low maintenance requirement and a high speed of operation. The cornerstones of its productivity include large tool capacity, the wide range of tools available and easy and fast set-up change. Forming and other auxiliary work stages, and ease of use are further factors reducing the manufacturing cost per component thus making the turret punch press a productive and competitive manufacturing solution.

  • Extremely versatile system: manual processing either from A- or B-side or automated production cell using optional automation = suites all needs
  • A new Intelligent ram shortens tool change time and increases the number of normal tools and indexing  tools in turret
  • Manual loading and unloading is facilitated by a movable table top which can be locked in different positions. Thus even the smallest sheets can be handled close to the operator.
  • The loading of heavy sheets is made easy with vertically moving sheet supports.
  • Vertically moving brushes also inside the turret, prevent the scratching of sensitive materials
  • Individual clamp movement with programmable clamp setting (PCS) = 100 % sheet utilization

Specifications +

ModelMax. sheet sizeX movementTable height
PG12252,500 mm x 1,250 mm2,500 mm935 mm
PG15303,000 mm x 1,500 mm2,500 mm935 mm
PerformancePG Pure PG Dynamic 
Punching force170, 200 or 230 kN200 or 300 kN 
Punching speed700 1/min1,000 1/min 
Axis positioning speed108 m/min127 m/min 
Index rotation speed180 r/min250 r/min 
Max. no. of tools / index tools16 hole turret 280/80, 20 hole turret 384/12816 hole turret 280/80, 20 hole turret 384/128 
Max. sheet thickness8 mm8 mm 
Max. sheet weight250 kg250 kg 
Average power consumption4 kW4 kW
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