Tools Rolleri RX are compatible with press brake machines from:

  1. EHT
  2. Weinbrenner
  3. American
  4. Gasparini
  5. Ajial – Axial
  6. Colgar
  7. LVD
  8. Colly
  9. Hammerle- Bystronic
Content Explanation150
EHT: Explanation151
Weinbrenner: Explanation151
American: Explanation152
American: Punches and Dies152-155
Gasparini: Explanation156
Gasparini: Radius tools and punches156-158
Ajial –Axial: Explanation159
Ajial –Axial: Punches and Adapters159
Colgar: Explanation160
Colgar: Punches and Radius tools160
LVD: Explanation161
LVD: Punches162
LVD: Hemming tools163
LVD: Dies 78֯164-165
LVD: Dies 30֯166
LVD: Multi –V-Dies167
LVD: Adapters168
Colly: Explanation169
Colly: Punches169-171
Colly: Dies172-173
Hammerle – Bystronic: Explanation174
Hammerle – Bystronic: Punches174-179
Hammerle – Bystronic: Punch Holders180-181
Hammerle – Bystronic: Radius Tools182
Hammerle – Bystronic: Die Holders183
Hammerle – Bystronic: Dies184-187


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